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Your product sucks... and why that's OK (tnl.net)
42 points by tristan_louis 2023 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

There are some great points in there, particularly the quote from Ira Glass.

It's frustrating to have the taste to recognize what great looks like but not the talent to produce that result yourself. But that demarcation line, not giving up, saying to yourself, "Ok, that didn't work as well as I wanted, it's not great but it wants to be, what's the next thing to change that could make it better?" That seems to make a big difference.

You should click on the link to the youtube video. The whole thing is worth it.

I was quickly skimming the article but then I stumbled upon my project management mantra:

"A lot of peo­ple think that the first out­ing with a prod­uct is the prod­uct but the truth is more com­pli­cated. Whether you are going out with a min­i­mum viable prod­uct or some­thing more com­plex, there comes a point where one has to make the call as to a prod­uct being “good enough” for the mar­ket­place. And “good enough” for any­one who has poured sweat and tears into a prod­uct is sel­dom what comes out of that first product."

and I had to read it, top to bottom. Best ten minutes of today's internet.

Thanks blush :)

This is the problem with being arrogant: apart from being unkind, you often miss really good things. Arrogant means never needing to listen. Never needing to listen means not being awesome :-)

Yup. It was a hard lesson to learn. Don't ever let the success go to your head. Time, fortunately, has allowed me to get better at this :)

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