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Yes, it's called "bundling".


I highly recommend everyone learn the basics of negotiation. This isn't rocket science and is one of a set of well-known techniques.

Go buy "Getting to Yes". It's a great primer to negotiation.


That book looks great. And cheap too, which is the way I like it.

I wonder if this "bundling" technique could be used in salary negotiations?

I used to work for a small dev shop (~30 devs) where we each had a personal review with the manager at the end of the year. The idea was you would review your performance - but everyone knew it was just waiting until the end of the meeting so he would tell you what your pay rise was, and you would try and haggle for more. I'm sure the scenario is familiar to many here.

Nobody ever got more than the manager's initial offer, and looking back on it, the reason was because he had a checklist of items that he would go through with you. It was impossible to excel at every single item, and those you did excel at he always managed to find a flaw with or find something you could improve on. By the time it came to the pay increase talks he had successfully removed any negotiating power you had, and you felt you had to accept the measly increase. He was excellent at this. People would walk in the room all fired up about what they'd done that year and how much they should get, and walk out depressed. Then we'd all go to the pub at lunch and whine about it.

The only time I ever got a decent pay rise was when I woke up hungover one Sunday morning and, with a flash of inspiration, thought, "hang on, I bloody well deserve an extra 20%! I don't care if it's nowhere near my personal review time." So on the Monday I requested a meeting with him and demanded a 40% pay rise and told him why. He didn't have chance to pick me apart, and eventually had to settle on just negotiating me down to 20%.

That was complete chance though, I don't think I can use getting drunk all Friday and Saturday as a successful negotiating trick in the future.

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