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SpecularCSS Open Source Library / Barbiecore
3 points by abemegahed 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite
If you're looking to create that shiny, happy, Barbie plastic look, you might give the SpecularCSS open source library a look. If you're more into steampunk or other aesthetics, it can help with those too.

It can be used just for fun or, when used judiciously, can be used to create more functional and attractive web applications.

SpecularCSS: http://www.specularcss.org

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/amegahed/SpecularCSS

Example: https://specularcss.sharedigm.com/vendor/specularcss/demos/demo3/index.html

Material Configurator: https://specularcss.sharedigm.com/vendor/specularcss/demos/demo2/index.html

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