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I prefer caps lock to Control. ^C does the same thing as escape in Vi[m]. While it is chording, the combo is pretty easy to hit.

This is a bit of a compromise, but all the other programs that are not vim will benefit from it.

Another excellent trick I read somewhere is to map 'jj' or 'jk' to esc when in insert mode (so 'inoremap jj <ESC>'). As a digraph they never occur in a natural language, so you'll never type it accidentally. And you can hit it on the home row easy-peasy.

Although personally I type in Colemak, I still use this, just with 'yy' instead. To be honest, it's a barely noticeable slow-down but it's much less stressful for my hands.

There are really a lot of ways to do this. See: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Avoid_the_escape_key

> As a digraph they never occur in a natural language

I wonder how Dijkstra would react to that statement.

Or all those people whose handle is JJ?

It's common to use double letters (ii, jj, kk) as inner indices when writing tiled multi-dimensional array code. Regardless of whether you think that is a good convention, you should be preserving that convention if you are editing legacy code that was written that way.

Never knew that Ctrl-C does the same thing as escape. Thanks for the info!

Another issue: if you ever use Ctrl-C in a macro, and then try to rerun it, the macro ends on Ctrl-C.

I use ^[ to end insert mode.

This only happens when you use macros like I do. I took a look at my registers and here's a random one I did four months ago (using Surround.vim to wrap an indented area in div tags).

V/^[ ]\{0,2}[^ ]/-1^MS<div class="question"^M

They're not exactly the same thing, actually, ctrl-c doesn't allow you to expand abbreviations and doesn't trigger the InsertLeave autocommand, but to be honest, I don't think it's that big of a deal. I go between ctrl-c and ctrl-] without thinking.

If you use q: or q/ to edit the command or search history, ctrl-c will close the edit buffer rather than swap out of insert mode.

Also, 3aa<Esc> appends 3 a's, but 3aa<C-d> appends only 1.

Life changes. Yet again. Thank you, thank you ..

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