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Just never decide to learn dvorak.

This is good advice in all situations, having watched my bandwagon-jumping friends flail helplessly when using anyone else's computer. And all for a small potential increase in speed, at the cost of making your computer unusable to others and completely screwing the convenience of most keyboard shortcuts.

> at the cost of making your computer unusable to others

I have a qwerty guest keyboard next to my Kinesis Advantage. Also dvorak isn't necessarily that faster, but rather more comfortable.

Agreed, learn Colemak instead ;-)

Seriously though, I think with a tiny bit of key-swapping in the vimrc, you can use dvorak or colemak just fine.

+1. Dvorak needs to go the way of the dodo. Colemak:Dvorak::Dvorak:Qwerty.


I love colemak. While I'm still not quite as fast as I once was with qwerty, it does seem to take less effort and my fingers seem to dance over the keys as most key combos do really seem to be placed side-by-side.

I use dvorak with vim with (mostly) standard key bindings. It's not too bad. H and K are not far from their respective QWERTY positions. J and K remain next to each other.

Tip from a dvorak vim user: instead of H/L for moving left/right, use H/SPACE. SPACE has almost the same function as L but is more convenient to hit with your thumb. SPACE also allows moving to the next line when the cursor it at the end of a line, unlike L.

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