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Transactions are not limited to add/retract. There are also things we call data functions, which are arbitrary, user-written, expansion functions that are passed the current value of the db (within the transaction) and any arbitrary args (passed in the call), and that emit a list of adds/retracts and/or other data function calls. This result gets spliced in place of the data function call. This expansion continues until the resulting transaction is only asserts/retracts, then gets applied. With this, increments, CAS and much more are possible.

We are still finalizing the API for installing your own data functions. The :db.fn/retractEntity call in the tutorial is an example of a data function. (retractEntity is built-in).

This call:

    [:db.fn/retractEntity entity-id]
must find all the in- and out-bound attributes relating to that entity-id (and does so via a query) and emit retracts for them. You will be able to write data functions of similar power. Sorry for the confusion, more and better docs are coming.

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