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zandorg 1982 days ago | link | parent

I play pop/dance/synth music when compiling, running tests, etc, but oddly, sometimes when I really need to concentrate, I pause the song so I can read the code. It's hard to explain, but that's my take.

astrec 1982 days ago | link

That's exactly how it is for me too. I tend to listen to either The Mondo Sessions or Tiësto's Club Life podcast both of which are trance - and both seem to put me into a coding trance. When I'm agitated by something hard that's broken my flow the music becomes annoying and I have to switch it off, but I usually leave my over-ear headphones on like earmuffs - it's more still that way.

Occasionally I'll listen to a Tamboura meditation - which is just droning - lower intensity than the club tunes, but similar effect.


mrtron 1982 days ago | link

Oddly I often listen to Tiësto's Club Life podcast while coding - and I am not even a big trance fan. But it's lack of lyrics (mostly) and flow just seem to mesh well with working.


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