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Social media is becoming the main agent of a police state in a frightenly quick pace. I'm starting to think that the only reason these practices were not so common before was because of a technical barrier, and not because our rights were once valued.

Putting bugs in your phone and residence is difficult, requires technical expertise and people to actually monitor. So well, what can you do? Like the article says, the option was to educate. But then comes social media and kills the technical barrier, so great, lets spy on our students, candidates, etc, and have them give us clearence to do so through intimidation.

We never had those rights to begin with, spying was just more of a hassle then than it is now.

Now begins the real fight for those rights. If we fail, then we are left with a socialitariam-regime and forced to keep using some hypocritical-media in order to be able to get jobs/loans/etc while we keep private matters offline (until new technology breaks that barrier too).

IMO the solution is to fix the root social/cultural causes. Get rid of the illusion that people are perfect, for example.

This won't work in practice. Any situation with many equally qualified people competing for a very small number of spots becomes what amounts to a beauty pageant. What I mean by "beauty pageant" is that since every candidate is so well-qualified, any superficial imperfection begins to be treated as a useful criteria for selection.

When all worthwhile criteria are equal, worthless criteria are used to decide.

"This guy swore in a facebook post, so lets go with the other guy."

Yea I know, one of the reasons anti-discrimination laws are fundamentally flawed. Fixing the root social/cultural causes is a better idea.

That would be good but not enough when there's money on the stakes. Say for instance a company that has decide between two candidates and one of them has a complicated medical history that can be infered from exchange of messages with friends and family. This is subtle enough that it would be very hard for the employer to be liable and also quite impairing for the candidate that will have a very difficult time getting a job because he has people that care for him and express those feelings through social media.

That's also just scratching the surface of the problem when you begin to consider sexual inclinations, religion, political views and ehtnicity.

None of that information should be relevant to most job applications, but once available they will surely be used to the employers will and you have no say in it.

I know in the real world it is not that simple, that is why in the meantime there are workarounds. Similar to how I am not pushing for real name policies but do want the problems to be fixed if possible.

Right, re-engineering human nature from the ground up is clearly much easier.

Only the culture would need to be changed.

Culture is human nature.

Culture is influenced by human nature, but the two are not equivalent.

Which culture is that?

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