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These 5 phone screen questions are lifted almost directly from Steve Yegge's "Five essential phone screen questions" post - https://sites.google.com/site/steveyegge2/five-essential-pho...

  1) Coding. The candidate has to write some simple code, with correct syntax, in C, C++, or Java. 
  2) OO design. The candidate has to define basic OO concepts, and come up with classes to model a simple problem.
  3) Scripting and regexes. The candidate has to describe how to find the phone numbers in 50,000 HTML pages. 
  4) Data structures. The candidate has to demonstrate basic knowledge of the most common data structures.
  5) Bits and bytes. The candidate has to answer simple questions about bits, bytes, and binary numbers.
They even use the same regex example. He attributes other things to Steve, so maybe this is just an oversight, but I'd like to see another link.

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