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Working with the FBI for the lulz?

for the lulz indeed.

What a dick, though..

How can anyone with a tiny bit of intelligence claim that he did any wrongdoing by helping the FBI?

This does not imply that helping law enforcement is always ethical. In this case, helping law enforcement take down these criminals is not a "dick move".

You seem to be implying that assisting law enforcement is always ethical. It's not, just like breaking the law is not necessarily unethical.


It's never ethical. Even if the ends morally justify the means it's still entrapment.

Never ethical to assist law enforcement? Never??

Come on man.

Some could call it a visible display of repentance.

The difference w/ terrorism is that it intentionally targets civilians. It is always odious. The ends do not justify the means.

Note: there is a lot of grey in the world, but intentionally targeting the innocent is black & white.

Careful here, civillian is not the same as innocent. For simple obvious cases of this: technically NSA, FBI and CIA people are civillians, as are government contractor employed security forces... It gets fuzzy pretty quickly.

There is also the question of who's version of innocent you use, for example if my moral/ethic system says X is a terrible offense and your system says X is just OK, which is most applicable to the classification of innocent? (for a simple concrete instance of this, look at the global variations of views on homosexuality, ranging from "it's nothing we should care about societally" to "we should care and embrace" to "it is a death penalty offense" -- not making any statements here on the debate, that is tangential to this). The situation needs to be looked at with an eye towards intent as well as just questions of innocence.

Thanks for the down vote because you don't agree?

He broke a trust barrier. He is just as guilty as the peers he just sold out.

Now what? He just sits back and kicks it good while his friends get canned?

Clearly, you would let your friends take a fall for you when you're just as guilty.

Well, that's the Op's opinion and here is yours. Your point of view differ, deal with it.. why the intelligence thing? That's certainly nowhere close to being intelligent.

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