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Show HN: Minimalistic Time Tracker. It was paid, now it's free (pulse.red)
16 points by losteden1 on July 13, 2023 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Thank you to make it free. We'll give it a try

Had a look on the linked site octopus.do, little tip there: set image sizes using height and width (or fill to a fixed sized parent) to avoid re-layouts. If using NextJS their Next Image does this.

Thank you. I'll be sure to let our developers know about it.

This talks about it for reference: https://web.dev/optimize-cls/

Looks nice! Can you download backups and/or self host in case you decide to close it?

What did you use to charge and why did you stop?

Thanks. By that time, we had launched other services that were much more commercially successful and switched to them. These are https://octopus.do and https://tweek.so Simply put, we don't have time for Pulse.

I don't think we will abandon our users and not enable export if we decide to close the service. But we do not plan to close it :-) By the way, there is already export.

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