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Frankly speaking I interviewed for a bigMegaCorp last year which is pretty famous. Can't give out the name of the company for obvious reasons.

They first had a telephonic round and checked around my skills. They talked of my last projects and make me write some code. It went well. Then they invited me to have some onsite interviews. It was the most pathetic interview experience any body could ever have.

They gave me a laptop and made me code. Which I did. The first day they had three 1.5 hours session coding session based interviews. Of which I missed only on one question. They went pretty fine. They told two days later I need to go through more interviews, It was a another two coding sessions plus a database and common design pattern based interview which I also did well.

But they called in a week later and said I needed to come again. Frankly speaking my patience had ran out. But nevertheless I still went. Only to find I had to go through another three rounds. This time the experience was pathetic. Its was full of puzzles and memorizing arcane facts of various bits and pieces of software which I bet no productive programmer will ever have time for. It was puzzles and fact quizzing galore like I had never seen before. Coupled by one Algorithm interview and I bet they asked mathematics I had never heard of before.

Another week later they told me I was rejected. Now this is what I have a problem with. You want somebody who can build quality software, who knows his trade. Programming languages, Databases, Tools, design patterns, Quality and other daily stuff.

How the hell does it matter the guy doesn't know facts and puzzles? Frankly speaking I can learn that too! If I spend 30 mins a day reading the career cup ebook and other internet puzzle forums I can very well game the algorithm and puzzle rounds. But what will this every say about my skills as a programmer?

All this 'Github as a resume' , and 'Stackoverflow profile as a resume' work fine only in forums like these. Otherwise every interview has a puzzle and algorithm quiz round which has absolutely no relevance to the daily work of a programmer.

Honestly all big web companies claiming to hire the best are definitely hiring the most knowledgeable person. But none of them are hiring outliers, passionate and productive people who can do miracles. This also perfectly explains, why most of their innovation and growth happens through acquisitions and not in house innovations.

Because most companies have people who know a lot, but not necessarily who can do a lot.

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