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Download any SoundCloud song (gist.github.com)
66 points by gmaster1440 on Mar 5, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

It's also quite easy to spot the url using firebug or chrome's developer tools and the "network" tab.

Most sites (tumblr, turntable.fm, etc) use flash to stream the music, and require a call to a url which then creates a public s3 link which is fed to the flash player via js api.

tumblr also appends a quaint little parameter called "plead" to the end of their music urls.


FYI you can get the streaming url from their public API, you don't have to muck around with string interpolation. They know it's easy to get so they just put it right there in the API for you to use. Also if you used the api you could have your script preferentially download the original file if the artist made it available.


Ultimately though the stream is a 128 kbyte/s mp3, probably transcoded, and as such you should all feel slightly ashamed of yourselves :)

And their encoding is generally pretty bad, unless you the master you upload is already 128 kbyte/s. Even wavs are affected :(


> They know it's easy to get so they just put it right there in the API for you to use.

I'd love to see TOS confirming this

Also should be noted that a subset of songs have a download url

That's nice, but much more importantly, here's the script to hide these awful track-comments by default: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/98339

Soundcloud is actually a fun site when the browser is not constantly bogged down and the screen not constantly flashing with 200 popups.

Does it work for Chrome (using 17.0.963.65 Mac)? Using It seems to just break the individual song page and does not affect songs within the /dashboard. 1-2 of the reviews seem to share my experience. I have it queued up as answer to a question a user had here


It works for me on Chrome/Mac, but now that you say it, perhaps I found a different one when I quickly re-googled for this comment - sorry for that.

When in doubt try google with "soundcloud hide comment script", I think there are 2 or 3 around, one of them definitely works.

Some others and I wrote a CLI for this:


And integrated into youtube-dl. So youtube-dl master supports Soundcloud.

I have the latest youtube-dl, but it doesn't seem to work:

  $ youtube-dl 'http://soundcloud.com/platform/red-stripe-make-sessions-001/s-cnhHf'
  [soundcloud] platform/red-stripe-make-sessions-001: Downloading webpage
  ERROR: unable to download video webpage: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
Also, soundcloud-dl has an issue with that URL.

Nobody has said this here yet (though it is mentioned in the github comments), so I guess I'll be that guy.

Considering that Soundcloud gives uploaders the option to allow downloads, it's a pretty gross violation of the artists' intent to download tracks that aren't already explicitly downloadable. Many artists even offer an alternative download location in the track description for cases where Soundcloud's limit is exceeded. And, as zmitri has pointed out, it is perhaps of greater concern that tools like this make it harder for entities like Soundcloud to justify their existence to stingy music rights holders. I'm not saying you're the reason we get things like SOPA, but this is the kind of thing that allows the grinches at the RIAA to feel justified in asking for sweeping changes to the internet we know and love.

So, nice little piece of work you've done here, but as a reformed music pirate trying to stay clean, I'm going to have to stay away.

tl;dr - This is why we can't have nice things.

In many cases to download files from sites like this, I recommend Jdownloader

I'm a big fan of the Firefox addon DownloadHelper. It works for pretty much everything.

As noted, this is not a vulnerability, because it just makes it easier to save the streaming version of the song (16bit 44100Hz @ 128kbps).

Notice the difference between the lousy 128k version and the original WAV download on this song: http://soundcloud.com/some1else/foreign-atonality

You probably want to buy or download the high quality version.

My personal fav. http://offliberty.com/

works with mixcloud as well.

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