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The TOS is horrible.

"Your Application must be designed to permit CBSi to comply with it's Privacy Policy, which may be updated by CBSi from time to time without notice to you. "

Pretty much everything in the TOS is some variant of "you must comply with this" and "we are not responsible for notifying you when we change it." This seems like a raw deal to me.

Updating for bugs is hard enough. But, this API forces developers to comply with UI guidelines (which are impossible to even write tests for) without anything back.

The API even requires that all financial transactions go through CBSi. Wow.

Apple and other app stores have gotten a lot of shit for changing requirements of their app stores, and rightly so. But, they started with compelling and clear offerings of the opportunity. The TOS of this API look so terrible up front I would not consider using it as a small developer. If your bosses at CSBi want to attract these types of people, I would recommend coming up with a tiered approach. ESPN does this better in this case.

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