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Reading their Terms of Service... Section 3...

"Branding. All Apps must include an approved ESPN trademark, logo or other intellectual property (each, an "ESPN Mark"). Advertising. No advertising or sponsorship of any kind may appear on or be associated with any App (unless included in the Content made available by ESPN). No Charge. All Apps must be offered free of charge to download or otherwise access and may not contain any in-App purchase features."

Correct me if I'm wrong - but they've made it impossible to monetize my effort, correct? I don't see how this will go anywhere if that is the case. It seems like they just want developers to build extra ESPN apps for them, and then give them all away for free. Ugh.

They explain how to contact them if you'd like to sell an app. The idea is that they do not want you earning money from their data without them getting a cut. Similar to how Apple does not allow you to use their distribution channel without taking a cut.

Apple's solution is much more clear, however. Before you ever develop an app, you know to expect a 70/30 cut. If ESPN provided those details upfront, I'd be much happier. As it stands, seems like quite a risk to take.

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