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I really wish they shared score data, as thats most relevant to me. headline data only drives more traffic to them. You apparently have to be a premium partner to get the "good" data. http://developer.espn.com/docs

Yeah, this is really unfortunate. I run a game thread generator for the NBA subreddit (essentially just builds a nice pre-game data table for a user to create a thread), I guess it's going to stick with insane scraping for now: https://github.com/alex/nba-gamethread

Very cool Alex. I was actually seriously considering advertising in the /r/NBA reddit. It seems like it has a loyal following of well informed fans. Just what I love! :)

The only problem is that I'm not sure how many play fantasy basketball.

I don't play fantasy basketball myself, but from reading the comments a lot of the other commenters do.

Another option that I used for a side project is http://developer.fanfeedr.com/.

I've used fanfeedr as well in the past, worked well.

So basically, it's useless unless you pay a lot or sign some nasty contracts?

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