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Someone should add a column to this Wikipedia page about Y-Combinator StartUps: Status (wikipedia.org)
19 points by ivankirigin on July 25, 2007 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

I'd also like to see them ordered chronologically rather than alphabetically, so that we can see the progression through status as the startups get older.

Someone has gone in and added a "status" column.

Everything in that column should have a date, at least an approximate one. There's too much on Wikipedia that's written in present tense. It should really be called "exit", not "status".

Yeah, I figured it was un-Wiki-ish of me to complain about wanting one and not actually create one. I filled in what I know, but that still leaves a lot of holes.

And I'd like status to include things like funding rounds, usage milestones, etc, because many companies are still thriving without an exit. But you're right, there should be a date on everything.

If someone sends me relevant info to the email address listed in my profile I will be happy to throw it into wikipedia.

Awesome. I love wikipedia -- almost as much as I love delegating work :D

I couldn't help but wonder how many companies there were on the page, so I added a Count column - the page has 43 startups so far :)

Things change too fast for status to be accurate.

Some are fairly safe bets, though - if a company is defunct, it's not coming back. Same goes if it's purchased. And funding events or major press mentions are probably noteworthy enough to include.

Monthly updates of active projects would be reasonable. I'm curious which projects are dead, which wouldn't need to be updated often :-P

Monthly updates by whom? You gonna heard fifty cats (or startup founders) into doing anything that doesn't involve free food? I doubt it.

By fan or the founders. Wikipedia is essentially designed for herding cats. That's just another name for user-generated content.

I voted down pg on his own site. That was fun!

That's actually 'pq'.. I fell for it too.

D'oh! Fonts...too...tiny...must squint...

how sly!

http://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=pq user: pq created: 2 hours ago karma: -5 about: Not you-know-who; just want to see how many people confuse him for me, since his stuff seems to get a ton of upvotes, automatically.

what, not voldemort?

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