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Can head hair density ever increase?
6 points by askmany 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
Can hair density get back to where it was if treated early ? Can you state any real life example where it actually happened?

Yes. Money can help. Compare Elon's hairline now and 20 years ago.

Average density is the same, just redistribution. :)

Counter-argument: Bezos.

It's not a good counter-argument, though. Plenty of people grow more hair.

Learning to rock a shaved head is likely cheaper and easier.

The last time I went to Turkey every other foreign guy that stayed at the same hotel as me has just gone through a hair transplant. Guess that's how it happens.

Sure. Some newborns have thin hair upon birth or shortly thereafter, and then have a full head of hair by the time they reach one or two years of age. No treatment required.

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