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If this a genuine request for feedback, I will happily share my experience with the query "learn chinese".

Result #1 (-tools.com) is part of an interlinked series of clone sites. Result #2 (clear-.com) has zero original content. Result #3 (-wen.com) is decent. Result #4 (-mm.com) is low-value. Result #5 (instant-.com) is a spam site with no content. Result #6 (rosetta-) is OK given the strength of the brand but is not the most obvious choice. Results #7 and #8 are the exact same page. Result #9 is a spam site with no content. The in-lined videos are meaningless and low quality.

Things get worse on page two, with almost all of the sites that rank, ranking because they spam. Compare the results with what you'll get searching the Apple podcast directory (which lists stuff people actually use and cuts spam by actually requiring content) and you'll see the quality of the offerings and the user experience is literally night and day. None of the highly-rated stuff there shows up in Google.

So assuming the results should be the leading free and or paid services or resources for learning Chinese, Google has a total fail, with not a single relevant result on its first page, and only a single hit on page two. If I'm looking for sites to spam me or put me into a high-pressure sales funnel, I basically hit bingo though.


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