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just trying to make it easier to use...

one more thing that i assume must work this way, but you don't seem to have documented, is how to test for exceptions. i guess SQL_Exception (a return value, right?) is false when there's no error?

related: do you have any examples that include all the error handling that would be necessary in a real app? how do you display the exception details (it seems to be an opaque type) to the user? perhaps i am missing something here (can't even find exception in the clickable API image)?

(wish i had known about this a few months ago as it would have saved me some work - thanks).

Thanks. The documentation for exceptions may be some clicks away, but it's there. Here's a direct link. http://www.tildeslash.com/libzdb/api-docs/Exception_8h.html Exceptions are a "true" exception implementation based on the Except code from David Hanson's excellent CII book. This makes it possible to write more compact code without peppering your C code with return code tests.

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