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Really? I find them generally bland. And I've driven quite a few things.

I agree, Benzes are a bit bland. They don't give you as much physical feedback as a BMW, they're not as low and stiff as a Porsche, they're not as light and agile as an 86 Corolla, they're not as quick as a Subaru.

But when you think about the fact that most people only drive a few cars in their lifetimes, and the first couple cars are something like a Honda Civic or a Mazda Protege, the first experience with a fine German automobile is going to be anything but bland.

Most people get new vehicles every five or ten years - I get a new car or bike every couple of months (I'm not rich, I just buy cheap and flip them for various reasons) and I worked at a dealership, so I'm just as familiar with the flaws of Benzes as the strong points. You must have a similar experience. We're just spoiled, is all.

Ok, fair enough. And there are times when you don't want much feedback.

What have you had lately that you liked?

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