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I don't want to sling mud at Ycombinator here .. but something is a bit fishy. This is currently the top voted article on HN, but it has only 300 views on Youtube (and 1100 likes - wtf).

Please tell me this isn't a paid spot - mercedes trying to infiltrate an early adopter set. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but that would compromise everything about HN that we love.

Thats a known bug on youtube.Videos show 304 views initially for quite some time.(The like count however seems accurate and this video has around 1700 likes)

In fact to verify, you can watch the video yourself 5 times and see if the view count changes from 304.

Here's the support article from google which describes why viewcounts become frozen around the 300 mark:


I submitted this, and definitely wasn't paid by YT/YC/Mercedes to do so :P

Thanks for the link. Knew it had to be something like that.

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