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Judging from the expression of those around it, I wouldn't be so sure.

Well, to be fair, I would probably be a bit surprised to see a car covered with LEDs, no matter what the LEDs were displaying.

given that they had a week of filming, and the ability to edit the resulting video, presenting the desired expressions would not be too difficult.

Assuming it's not actors, they were probably posing for their friends on the other side. Some of them are bound to be photogenic.

If you did it anywhere in East Asia, you'd have a line (or what passes for a line) of thousands of people waiting to pose.

In other news, people can be paid to appear surprised and delighted in a TV commercial. Ric Romero has more at 11.

I don't think the sarcasm is warranted. They could be actors, but they don't appear to be. The more likely explanation is that people think it's cool despite the low resolution. Do you know how many people would think it was straight-up voodoo if I just wrote a Node.js chat app and ran it for them?

The ad maker can also film people all day and cherry-pick the results. Tell people you're shooting an ad, give it enough time, and you'll even have people jumping up and down for chat.js.

I go to many music festivals and often take photos while I'm there. In 2-3 hours I'm pretty much always guaranteed to produce at least 10 awesome photos of people with little effort. People who want to be photographed find you and go out of their way to do something interesting for the camera.

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