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When I first saw that phrase while watching the video, I thought to myself: "I bet the top-voted comment is a pedantic reaction to that."

I think you're taking "artistic freedom" a bit too literally. It's meant to inspiring and show their goals and mission. I don't think they have the intention of deceiving anyone into believing the car is actually invisible to the environment.

I agree completely, it's not "really" environmentally invisible, and a shift towards mass transit would be much more environmentally friendly.

I visited family in London this summer, and I was amazed by the efficiency of mass transit. Here in the States, I live in a suburb of a suburb of Orlando, and I can't get anywhere without having to drive 20 minutes. What a waste of both time and resources.

How fair is it to compare a medium-sized city in Florida with one of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK?

Probably not completely fair but... have you visited Orlando recently? Literally no public transport at all (ok, there's Lynx, but that's too nightmarish to really include). Sure, Orlando's not as large a metropolitan area, but with the amount of tourism we get from Disney, you'd expect a slightly more developed infrastructure.

But point taken, probably not the best comparison to make.

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