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Perhaps a hundred posts, with the last significant block being ten years ago. I should really get back to it sometime... Posts that tend to have some lasting power:

- https://imrannazar.com/GameBoy-Emulation-in-JavaScript - A ten-part series (intended to be longer) on the implementation of emulators with the example of a GameBoy;

- https://imrannazar.com/Let's-Build-a-JPEG-Decoder - A four-part series (intended to be longer) about the concepts behind JPEG and building a decoder;

- http://imrannazar.com/Extended-Text-Mode-on-the-C64 - Going back fifteen years, an exploration of how to build an 80x25 text mode on the Commodore 64.

I learned so so much, as I'm sure many others here have too, from your GameBoy emulator series. Thank you!!!

Your Game Boy series has been a very nice reference for me as I've slowly cobbled together my own emulator, so thanks for that!

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