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Oh, boy, it's a random collection of things.

Here's a smattering of posts about:

- climbing: https://josh.works/climbing/2016/05/29/on-boldness-in-climbi...

- went to the top of HN, changing your mac address: https://josh.works/shell-script-basics-change-mac-address

- how to write a letter of recommendation for yourself: https://josh.works/how-to-write-a-letter-of-recommendation-f...

i've found SO MANY wonderful personal blogs here on HN. I even built a little web scraping thing a long time ago to scrape these links from the top-level comments: https://random-hn-blog.herokuapp.com/

Heroku shut it down, but I'm gonna see if i can bring it back online in like 30 seconds...

The climbing one that you linked says something about “the video below” but I don’t actually see a video. Might just be because I’m on my phone but I was curious if that video still exists.

ooooh, sorry, no, it's gone.

I had a whole thing happening around becoming a bold lead climber by becoming an amazing lead belayer.

It was great! I've helped many, many people become very safe, very confident sport climbers. Watching them 'climb through the grades' is enjoyable for all parties.

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