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You probably have seen this in the front page sometime last week due to the "Fast machines, slow machines" post :)

I started this blog during exams session back in university and I'll reach the 20-year mark next year. Wow. I write about my own projects, but also tech in general based on my current interests, which at the moment are around Rust, Bazel (again), and Unix systems in general.

It's interesting how the blog has changed: I used to write short posts almost daily describing whatever I had been tinkering with in open source projects (back when I contributed to NetBSD and Gnome regularly)... or whatever crossed my mind really. These days, most of those misc posts go into social media, and the blog is reserved for purposeful articles, which end up being much longer (and thus infrequent).

Commenting on the blog used to be much more common years ago, but these days discussion happen off-site in either social media or here. Similarly, people used to visit the blog periodically, but these days nobody does: traffic to the blog is either from organic searches or from spikes due to referrals from sites like HN.

As for how I build it: the posts are written in Markdown; I use Hugo to generate the site; Bootstrap for styling; and my custom web service (EndTRACKER) to offer email subscriptions, post voting and commenting, as well as privacy-respecting analytics.

Hey, I read your blog after you commented in another topic that was created with a link to my blog.

I didn't have the right context then to mention it, but now I do: I really enjoyed your topics on Bazel and especially the "A persistent task queue in Rust" post which I learned from.

I went back far enough that day to the point that some of your posts looked like they were taken from twitter threads, and I wondered how that worked.

If you're ever looking to work in GameDev (in Europe), hit me up.


The Bazel posts stopped for a while after I left Google, but I'm now back at a different place where I'm working with Bazel once again. So you can expect the posts on this topic to gradually come back :) (For some context, here is one: https://medium.com/snowflake/addressing-bazel-ooms-38023b736...)

Let's see if my plans to return to Europe in the next few years play out...

Edit: Oh, and the few posts that look like Twitter threads (they are tagged like that) are hand-crafted and were an experiment. I first wrote the threads as blog posts, ensuring each paragraph fit in a tweet, and then copy/pasted them into Twitter. I wrote them as a blog post because I wanted to have the "unrolled" version in the canonical source for future reference, without relying on those unroll apps.

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