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To give you an example of the sort of stuff we do behind the scenes at Yammer, here's what my team has shipped:

* a realtime message delivery service which handles hundreds of thousands of concurrent clients

* an activity stream data store serving just shy of a billion requests a day

* a distributed database serving well over a billion requests a day over tens of terabytes of data with ~10ms response times at the 99th percentile

* a realtime search indexing pipeline, complete with a denormalized entity store, index replication and an autocompletion service

* a data export service which basically performs a diff of the state of millions of business objects and sends it out as a streaming ZIP file

* a user account synchronization service which handles streaming JSON dumps of companies' LDAP/AD server data

* an affinity prediction service which provides ranking of arbitrary objects based on past interactions (e.g., who you're most likely to CC on a message)

* an OAuth2 token service for 4MM users

* a collection service for the user events pipeline of our analytics system, handling hundreds of thousands of user events a second

* plus a grip of open-source libraries

And this is a team of seven people (now). The other teams at Yammer ship just as much as we do.

... and besides interesting and challenging work you get to work with developers like codahale!

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