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Show HN: Hivekit – Geospatial app platform (hivekit.io)
27 points by kybernetikos 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
Hey everyone,

We’re Adam & Wolfram, the founders of Hivekit (https://hivekit.io), a geospatial app platform to track people and vehicles, stream updates, and execute logic based on spatial events.

This allows teams in logistics, ride-sharing, delivery, construction, agriculture or AR gaming to fully concentrate on what makes their offering unique without having to worry about the complex infrastructure required to run large scale geospatial apps.

We both have a long history of building realtime data services for industries like financial trading, gaming or app development - but there’s something interesting about that. We were repeatedly approached by companies in mines, food delivery networks, ride sharing companies, mines and even farm-equipment manufacturers who were willing to twist our purpose-built solutions into a pretzel to make them work for geospatial tracking.

Recognizing this lack of commodity tech, we started meeting with tech folk from around the world, went to onsite visits in English mines, Italian mozzarella plants and German construction yards (one of my favorite parts of the job) and learned that there’s a huge need for a low level realtime data platform for geospatial apps.

Hivekit is that platform. It lets you send location and other data from large numbers of vehicles and devices, subscribe to realtime update feeds from apps and websites, store routes and historic data, run scriptable logic in response to spatial events and comes with all the bits needed to build a successful geospatial app such as online status, geofencing, rich auth and permissions, fulltext search or pubsub notifications.

But we want to do more:

We’re already working on a 3D world map that lets you track all workers, vehicles and objects, add custom UIs and interactive map overlays, pause and rewind time and - most importantly - control your workforce Command & Conquer style: Simply select a few units, assign a task and Hivekit will translate it into individual instructions, send them out and track their progress.

But our real goal isn’t for human operators to control their workforce, but for an AI to automate and optimize operations. Now, before everyone gets too excited: this won’t be an AI in the GPT sense, but more “traditional” ML, optimizing for individual value sets, e.g. “ensure that my taxi drivers are positioned optimally during the course of the day to ensure the lowest possible time to pick up.”

You can read more about our plans here: https://hivekit.io/about/our-vision/

Who are we? Wolfram previously built https://arcentry.com/, https://deepstream.io/ and https://golden-layout.com/, Adam is Director of Engineering for a trading tech company.

I worked two years in the field of indoor navigation & positioning and we tried to achieve some of the things you mention in your post at smaller scale That said: I am impressed by the functionalities you seem to provide as I also know which and how many obstacles lay in this field. Good luck with your goals, I'll definitely not forget about you!

Congrats, guys! Brining AI into the physical world like this is surely a big vision, so all the best!

I'd love to know the story behind the photo on the "meet the team" page. It's got my eyes very interested in it

Haha, that was before we signed up for Midjourney and tried to convince Dall-E to create "two middleaged dudes in a white hall building a spaceship" with our faces as a seed.

We figured, it's bad enough to be comical again :-)

Looks awesome! Congratulations guys!

Thanks for building this!

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