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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo (wikipedia.org)
17 points by plondon514 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Smith where Jones had had had had had had had had had had had the examiners' approval.

Kokoo kokoon koko kokko! Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko.

Gather up a full bonfire! A full bonfire? A full bonfire.

Shíshì shīshì Shī Shì, shì shī, shì shí shí shī.

Shì shíshí shì shì shì shī.

Shí shí, shì shí shī shì shì.

Shì shí, shì Shī Shì shì shì.

Shì shì shì shí shī, shì shǐ shì, shǐ shì shí shī shìshì.

Shì shí shì shí shī shī, shì shíshì.

Shíshì shī, Shì shǐ shì shì shíshì.

Shíshì shì, Shì shǐ shì shí shì shí shī.

Shí shí, shǐ shí shì shí shī shī, shí shí shí shī shī.

Shì shì shì shì.



Q: Who polices the police? A: The police police.

Q: Who polices the police police? A: Police police police police police police.

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