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Very impressive! A few comments and first impressions:

Wires seem to remain in the same place as components move. I'd love to see wires that connect two components and whose ends follow those components as they move.

Typo on several elements: s/contolled/controlled/

The zoom widget doesn't seem to let me set a precise zoom level. If I zoom around a bit, then type "100%" and hit enter, I end up with 96%. Also, you might consider providing some standard zoom shortcuts, such as "100%" and "fit to circuit".

I'd really like to have keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between components; perhaps some kind of search-based mechanism, where I can hit a key to bring up a search box, type a few letters to get to a component, hit enter, and have that component selected.

How can I "export" a schematic to some useful standard format (other than a read-only PDF)? (In particular, a netlist, or something usable as an initial input to a PCB tool?)

I'd love to have the ability to save a circuit with named nodes as a "part", which I can then use as an IC-like component in other circuits, hiding the details of that circuit normally but drilling down into it if desired. Ideally, this would support versions of individual parts, making it easy to upgrade a circuit using a previous version of a part to a new version. Also, ideally the part could have parameters of its own, and use those parameters to assign parameters to its own components.

Any plans for collaborative editing and "team" repositories?

Do you have any plans to support more of the EDA workflow? For instance, a decent PCB layout tool? This seems like a great opportunity for a future business model: find one or more good board fabrication companies willing to do small-run work, and work with them to provide an easy way to go from CircuitLab to a built board.

Thanks for the feedback! (Typos fixed, thanks.)

Yes, wires do currently stick to the grid, not to the elements. I wouldn't mind having some mode where they do stick to the elements to make parts a bit easier to move around.

Nestable subcircuits (named nodes as a "part") is on the long-term roadmap, but it's a big feature -- it'll take some time.

As far as collaborative editing, team workspaces, netlist export, PCB layout: we're thinking about all of them, and will just have to see where the users take us!

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