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Neat stuff.

I briefly considered doing something like this myself, there are some interesting ways to monetize this if you manage to become the web circuit designer/simulator.

Some things you might want to consider:

  * be more Mac friendly -- backspace instead of delete, Cmd instead of Ctrl on Macs
  * It feels unnatural that I have to press a button on the menu to enter a placement mode. Something like drag and drop might be more natural.
  * There's no obvious way to delete stuff with the mouse
Your mileage may vary though, just me 3 cents. Other than that, looking pretty good. Good luck!

Thanks! Yes, there are some important Mac usability issues we need to take a closer look at. Ctrl-click, etc. Some of these will be limited by what kinds of UI events we have access to in-browser, but others are just tweaks we need to make on our end.

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