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I haven't looked at it yet (in a few moments we'll see how it handles mobile devices), but if it holds up to your hype, this could be an amazing application. I have to ask, is the entire simulation client side, and what's the largest functional circuit you've created and still had good performance (as in does it seem to be able to be able to be optimized to eventually be an EDA competitor, or will it mainly be the smaller circuits as folks are learning?)

Yes, the entire simulation is currently client side.

Here's a "big" analog circuit:


10 BJTs, and an op-amp, all in a highly-coupled, high-gain loop. If you open this one and run the time-domain simulation with the saved settings as-is, it takes my laptop a good 23 seconds to crank through 80 time points. However, that circuit generates somewhere around ~700 highly non-linear simultaneous equations that need to get solved at every timestep.

We are certainly performance-limited right now by not running closer to the hardware, but if simulation performance turns out to be a key bottleneck/feature, we'd look at things like Google's Native Client.

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