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Best HTML5/CSS3 Presentation Frameworks (zoomzum.com)
82 points by neeti on Feb 28, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

As a quick test, I decided to test a feature which I consider 100% vital to any presentation tool. Does it cleanly work when I find myself on a 800x600, or even 640x480, projector?

    html5 slides (from google) : No
    Slides Presentation with HTML5: No
    CSSS : Unusably slow on Chrome 18, pegs to 100% CPU
    html5rocks: No. I can't actually get the presentation to view on my laptop at all.
    Impress.js: No
    Reveal.js: No
    Shower (mentioned in comments): Yes!
I would really, really like to switch to HTML presentations. At the moment I use keynote and it is the one thing stopping me from switching full-time mac os x -> linux. But, really I don't think most of these can be considered as more than just toys.

Hopefully some time we will get a nice shiny tool, which will allow easy simple animation, presentation tools, and resize to different projector sizes.

On another note, the actual blog post this is based on was terrible - just listing a bunch of tools, all of which are (in my opinion) terrible, was not particularly useful. However, I am now going to look at shower.

What part of Impress.js doesn't work? Don't look at the demo slideshow they give you, create your own. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

Why wouldn't I look at the demo?

I want a presentation that looks nice when I am using a 640x480, and also looks nice when the projector is 1280x960. Can Impress.js do that?

Thank you! I was in the middle of debating what to do my presentation in and decided to go with Shower because of your analysis.

Unfortunately doesn't mention my favourite - Shower: http://shwr.me

looks good, but unfortunately one can't navigate with the mouse (think about touch devices like iPad)

I think most of these are too heavy for my use. I've been helping out on a simplistic slideshow tool using Markdown, which might interest some of you: https://github.com/gnab/remark

Example presentation: http://gnab.github.com/remark/

Zero server-side dependencies is what sets Remark apart from other alternatives using markdown. The markdown is simply parsed client-side. (and kjbekkelund: get back to work ;)

remark looks great! thanks for sharing.

We created an online editable version of Google's html5 slides at http://slides.pageforest.com.

These roundups are getting too much.

Some of them can just easily be found by doing a simple search on github.

Maybe I should just do some articles like "Top 5 javascript mvc frameworks", "3 asynchronous libraries you can't live without"

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