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Right, if it is something you actually want to be doing then that is one thing. But, I bet you are not married and have kids or if you do, they may not be as happy with you as you might think. It's just reality.

As for the Steve Jobs thing, yes I get that. But it's one thing to be Steve Jobs and have this legacy that they make documentaries about and it's another to have just been a cog, even if it's a popular company like Twitter, your whole life and not have any kind of family or life outside of your job. Perhaps everlasting glory is worth everything else but I doubt it's true for everyday programmers at Apple.

I feel like you've got a little over-dramatic here.

Firstly, i'm not married nor do i have children. Secondly, these things will come, in time.

I find it discouraging that you feel that one can't take pride or enjoy work while being "a cog". This isn't about 'everlasting glory'; it's about enjoyment, it's about fun, it's about being proud about what you've created and owning it, it's about respect from your peers, it's about being a part of something.

As you said, "if it is something you actually want to be doing then that is one thing". It is. It is exactly what i want to be doing.

why don't you work for free then ? It should give you same sense of fulfillment and company will benefit even more. :-)

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