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You ARE getting trolled. This guy managed the development of linebuzz.com (had you heard of it? I hadn't) and knocks advice from a previous program manager of excel (software that is on nearly every computer on the planet) and owner of a successful software company for the last several. You may hate Microsoft's marketing, but the fact of the matter is that in the early 90's they had great software teams filled with world class programmers. The linebuzz guy is knocking THEIR boss who led what is arguably one of Microsoft's best products.

LOL, I love guys like Joel Spolsky-- self anointed gurus handing out really terribly advice to uncritical lemmings.... this reduces competition in the marketplace for those of us who think (and have experience.)

Joel is like one of those infamous Lieutenants in Vietnam-- all book learning and zero experience getting people killed-- usually to get fragged by one of their own. Since fragging is uncommon in cubicle farms, Joel still lives.

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