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Good stuff!

However, another thing I'm not going to get to use whilst working in a Microsoft monoculture :(

apparently Microsoft is working more to the win32 port, and now there is a github repository: https://github.com/Microsoft-Interop/redis

I hope to see some good stuff in the next weeks.

Unless it ships with Visual Studio, I doubt I'll ever see it.

You can still use Redis with C#, the only caveat I've found seems to be the current drivers don't support authentication but that's not a huge issue if it's not publicly accessible.


Edit: for the first time in my life I may be less than correct.

ServiceStack.Redis has always supported Auth in the individual byte[], string and POCO RedisClients, and thx to @dan_b it now also supports Auth in the Basic/PooledRedisClientsManagers as well.


I fixed this a while back: var clientManager = new PooledRedisClientManager("passwordblahblahblah@barracuda.redistogo.com:9287");

Booksleeve[1] (another Redis C# client from SO) appears to support auth

[1] http://code.google.com/p/booksleeve/

Whaaa? Authentication is one simple command, sent upon connecting. Why on earth wouldn't they "support" that? It's not even a five minute task...

I know nothing about this (neither redis auth nor MS' work), but if I were managing the server products, I would want to make sure the redis authentication doesn't confuse users of my platform. MS has a pretty clear goal of making everything authenticate via ActiveDirectory. Keeping that consistent may be more than a five minute task.

Well, first of all, he's not talking about a Microsoft-written library, he's just speaking generically of C#/.NET libraries written by others.

But Redis's authentication is very simple in any case. There's a password. A password, one. That's it. There are no accounts, no usernames, there's no "infrastructure" or any way to hook it into LDAP or other insanity. There's no accounting.

It's not for the kind of authentication ActiveDirectory does. In practice, it's more of an "Oops, did you really mean to connect to that server?" thing.

maybe this has something to do with the fact that AUTH makes the connection stateful and you have to remember the AUTH state on reconnection? Just guesswork.

Nah, the code for that is simple and generic in any sane language (and C# is reasonably sane).

But I think the guy I was responding to is at least partly wrong, a quick grep through the repo he linked to shows they have everything necessary for authentication, even if it's not as blindingly obvious as in, say, redis-py and redis-rb.

It's entirely possible I'm wrong, I couldn't get it authenticating with redistogo and ended up just putting it on a private server - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8862552/authenticated-ser...

ServiceStack.Redis has always supported Auth on all the RedisClients themselves. It was just a feature that wasn't initially available on the Pooled Redis Managers - it's on there now with new PooledRedisClientManager("myauth@mythz.redistogo.com:9287").

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