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> Also, if the legal system is so dumb about semantics such as this, there's now a powerful precedent anyway.

what do you mean? Prosecution should be asking specific questions, judge should address them. In this example they didnt ask for keys, they asked for the content of the hard drive.

Anyways, yes Prosecution asks stupid questions; even more: they will try to persecute you and put behind bars based on their frivolousness thinking process. This case is a great example: they dont know whats on the hartd drive, but there may be illegal files so yeah lets put the guy in jail.

> The prosecutor first has to prove that the defendant is actually guilty, otherwise that's just fishing for evidence and crimes committed which may or may not exist.

well they had to build a case somehow. something must have gotten them to this guy's door, right?

> That's just stupid. I download everything big from torrents

no, by "tons of torrent" data I did not necessary mean big in size. if his IP was found on plenty of illegal torrents then this was a good enough reason to assume he is downloading illegal stuff [but let alone not good enough to sentence him].

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