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Why does 37signals show up at the top of HN everyday, no matter what they blog about?

Because people up-vote the submissions.

I suspect cromwellian's underlying question is: why do so many people on HN upvote a post with nothing more than pictures of some people's desks?

Because people like looking at other people's desks/setups? It's not much deeper than that.

Well if that's the case, can I have photos of my desk on the front page of HN also? I've got two monitors and phone and everything.

Why does someone always whine about it, even when it's just an algorithm doing what it's supposed to do?

Because they are not merely a product company anymore but a brand name.

Came here to ask the same parent comment myself. Yes, they're an iconic brand within this sphere and they do great work, but these articles are part of their blog. Every page of their blog has a link to the RSS feed. I don't need help keeping up to date on a syndicated blog that I care about. I need HN to show me things I -don't- know about yet. Maybe HN needs a 'best off' page, so brands like 37 Signals can be found even when they don't have any breaking news.

They are preparing for a major product launch (Basecamp Next) and are doing a great job at staying top of mind leading up.

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