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I've always wondered this about forced decryption: what if you have large random files on your harddrive? (irrelevant how they got there -- you may not even know) For all intents or purposes these look like encrypted data, and if they could force you to "decrypt" them you have a problem of Kafkaesque proportions.

Is there any rule that data on your drive should be somehow sensible and decryptable to human-understandable information, using keys that you have in your head?

People wanting to use encrypted volumes; or encrypted drives; or who delete individual files; or who wipes discs[1] often use writes of random data to 'sanitise' the drive before writing their data.

Thus, they're likely to have lots of random data strewn around their drives.

I have no idea what would happen if you coughed up two keys which unencrypted 30% of that random data; what would happen with the rest?

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