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One thing that I don't understand about their interface is that if you click on a listing and then "back to search results", it doesn't return you to your search query but rather does a search for everything.

Also, it would be really nice if they would allow saving a search query for a trip being planned (I'm assuming they don't allow this now); it can be annoying to have to find and copy/paste some long address and fill out other parameters every time you want to resume your search.

I agree here, I open a series of tabs of places so as not to loose the original, carefully culled search results.

+1 on saving a whole query vs. just a location, this will allow us to see new airbnb's that pop up with those parameters in the future. This is really helpful to people who are regular visitors to cities and have a price range and love a couple of neighborhoods.

"but rather does a search for everything."

We're fixing this.

Thanks; look forward to it.

BTW, there is some other funkiness in the UI, too. If I choose a city and some amenities and some neighborhoods and then add on 'social connections', it says that my search is too specific. But I notice that after I do this, my neighborhood selection is no longer there. Amusingly, this means that if I uncheck 'social connections' and check it again it will be able to show me something since my search is no longer too specific.

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