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Show HN: Seofor.ai – Track what all AI models say about your brand on one page (seofor.ai)
3 points by platita 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite
Hi HN! I'm Silver and i built SEO for AI (https://seofor.ai). It helps you track on one page what all the different LLM's out there say about your brand, company or product.

I realized with all the LLM's out there that we won't be googling much anymore. Most of the answers to even our product questions will likely come from LLM's. It's super annoying to go search your company on like 5-6 sites (chatgpt, bing ai, bard etc.) and even more annoying to do it regularly, so I made it super easy by putting it all on one site and automating the detection of changes in answers.

I initially focused on the personal data angle and people "googling themselves" and built HIBE (https://haveibeenencoded.com) and posted that on Hacker News as well: (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35557548) but obviously the usecase for businesses for tracking brands seems more important given how people will likely learn about your product from AI chatbots in the future.

I think the honest answer is that no one knows right now how this LLM wave will change the search landscape and the only obvious part is that it certainly WILL change search and it's time to start tracking and keeping an eye on what the AI's are saying about your brand and that's why I built this baby.

It's FREE to use for one company, but if you're serious about tracking multiple keywords and companies, then I obviously want your help with my openai api bills. :)

Hope you like it and let me know what would be cool to add in this early version?

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