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Org-mode is a big stumbling block for me as well and it seems like most of its features would be possible in Sublime Text 2, but the sheer degree of integration that it's managed with Emacs' various hooks and processes might be much harder. The various org-insinuate functions, the packages to hook it into magit (or rather ST2's equivalents) & Mew, etc. are all pretty important to me. I haven't looked deeply into customizing ST2, but is it actually feasible to hook into it so deeply?

[ETA: There's a stab at an ST org-mode here that I tried previously, but really isn't very far along and development stopped almost a year ago: https://bitbucket.org/theblacklion/sublime_orgmode/ There's a fork at https://github.com/danielmagnussons/orgmode that seems to be somewhat more active.]

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