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The thing with password managers is that the most convenient ones store your data in a server somewhere. And that opens up more issues than it solves.

For the ones that store information in a local file, that could work. But then a lot of the mobility is lost, even if you use something like Dropbox (you are not going to sync behind a corporate firewall, for instance). At least my brain is attached to my head and is very portable, I just have to remember the damn things.

That said, do you have recommendations?

I really like 1Password (but I use only macs for low security laptop/desktop stuff) -- the browser extension is great, and the iOS apps sync over wifi or dropbox.

The one thing I'm waiting for is iCloud integration. If they don't provide iCloud integration, I'd consider other options (including trying to roll-your-own, maybe using their extensions and spoofing the IPC)

Try SHA1_Pass. I'm the author. It's open Source. Runs on Linux, Windows and Macs. It generates passwords, it does not store them.

Edit: Here's a link (no ads or other junk). http://16s.us/sha1_pass/

I answered the other person that replied. LastPass syncs across browser extensions, you can access your data from their website, it's all encrypted/decrypted locally and there are mobile apps so you can always access them securely even if you don't trust the guest computer.

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