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Very interesting idea. We have a real estate photography platform and people ask us about voice all the time. Interestingly, almost no one does it due to the expense and the PITA factor.

The idea of an API to attempt to automate that is interesting. Will have to check it out!

[Edit] Question: if I have a single "tour" but want it in 10-20 chunks by the same talent is that possible? We would tie each chunk to a single picture.

Hello! We would love to tweak our API for this kind of project. When you post a project, we could allow you to submit an array of scripts, thus allowing you to get an individual MP3 file for each entry. Email us at api@voicebunny.com when you have a chance.

Interesting like batch projects? I think that VoiceBunny might be planning this at some point in the future :p

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