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Let's hope this is one more step to Flash irrelevance. I don't count the times that Flash caused me trouble, and I'll be happy to see it go away.

I think Adobe is nuts to be so hostile to its Linux users. Surely it can't be that expensive to continue developing the old plugin? The thing Flash had going for it was its ubiquity: it worked on all (desktop) browser. Now that that's gone, this will be another good reason not to have new projects depend on Flash.

Adobe has always been this hostile to Linux users. It hasn't seemed to had much of a dent in their success.

Meanwhile, Flash is dead, it just hasn't stopped kicking yet. It's been a long decade, but many people will be cheering it and kicking the corpse when it finally shuffles off to the great /dev/null in the sky.

Adobe killing AIR for Linux didn't impact/slow AIR's growth in the slightest, so I would have to assume this change will also have zero impact.

Can't tell if you are serious. Who uses AIR? I've never seen it.

Grooveshark's desktop app used it. Only place I've personally seen it in the wild.

Simfy (another Spotify competitor) also uses it.

http://www.balsamiq.com is a popular software among people doing wireframes. The Desktop version is based on AIR (and it's the only reason why I've installed AIR on my Mac).

BBC use it for their iPlayer app (well hidden though) so I imagine the UK installation base of Air to be pretty large in comparison to other regions.

Certain Twitter clients. That seems to be about it. :)

(It's sometimes used for in-house stuff, but then what isn't?)

League of Legends still uses AIR I believe.

tweetdeck was hugely popular and written with AIR, but I believe they went native some time ago.

Native on Mac & Windows, Chrome-only for Linux (which just isn't the same experience as AIR offered)

Yeah, most Linux users either have Flash enabled for the family and hate it or they don't install it. This is a tiny market. Nobody else will care. Linux users already didn't care. Nothing to see here.

I'm sure adobe will mourn all 3 of the users they'll lose by doing this.

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