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I use Fiverr for all of our phone message / voiceover work and it really did impress - to think that these guys can make money doing 100 words for $4 (after fiverr's cut) is pretty crazy.

The only thing that could be more desired is a faster turn around time, although I'm not willing to pay 10 times the amount that this is estimating.

Hello Mat. VoiceBunny co-founder her. We tried to identify good talent at Fiverr to invite them over to VoiceBunny, but we found only a handful of good voices out of over 300 people that were offering their voiceover services there. How did you find good voices there? We would like to invite them to VoiceBunny so that you get the same low Fiverr prices with the added benefits of the API and VoiceBunny's 100% money-back guarantee.


Sounds like we have a different understanding of "good" voices - I found four or five quickly and picked "naplesdave"

I don't think you are giving me the same low fiverr price, considering the estimate I had yesterday was in the $45 range for my sample script...


Dude, not cool at all.

There's a massive difference between highlighting your USP and insulting your competitors.


I don´t see how he insulted, he´s just pointing a fact. Voiceover quality is not exceptional.

Fiverr is not a direct competitor either, you can get all sorts of things there apart from voiceovers, for example you can get book covers, video recordings of people writing whatever you want on their body, pictures of your logo in front of the taj mahal... its quite cool.


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