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I wonder if an economically sound business could be made in taking top web content and "converting" it into podcasts.

My thoughts on the subject (from March 2011): http://www.yarone.com/2011/03/recording-top-web-content-plai...

There was a site called hearablog.com (https://twitter.com/#!/hearablog) which narrated some of the more famous tech blogs. Jason discussed it on This Week in Startups: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTn5qNeHny4

I personally think that this is a neat idea but VoiceBunny isn't the ideal tool. You pay about $70 for 400 words which is about the length of a short-mid sized blog post. If you just cover 5 posts per day, you will need to invest about $10k per month in VoiceBunny. At this point, looking for your own voice actors is probably cheaper.

Hi! VoiceBunny co-founder here. Our marketplace is new and the median prices are coming down on a weekly basis as more talents compete for work. Also, you are free to set the prices you want to pay. For ideas like hearablog.com, we are also implementing a royalty-based system, where talents get paid as the recording makes money for our client.

I chuckled at your use of the word "dictator" :)

Great idea btw, would love to be a part of it.

that is a good idea, you should try and make it happen

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