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I've been using Voice123 for professional voiceovers for a few years now (podcast intros, bumpers, IDs, etc). The talent on there is top-notch, and I always get a large number of responses very quickly.

As much as I like the design of VoiceBunny, I feel compelled by a sense of loyalty to the hard workers who created Voice123 to point out what an outstanding company they've been for a very long time.


Thank you Jayson! You made my day (and the day of our team!) I'm one of the co-founders of Voice123 (and now also co-founder of VoiceBunny). Some of the great talent you can find in Voice123 is also available in VoiceBunny. While Voice123 continues to focus on its online casting service (we're rewriting the Voice123 codebase from scratch!), VoiceBunny is meant to allow you to automate the process of getting voices via its API.

VoiceBunny is apparently owned by Voice123...look at the logo.

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