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Is e-mail that freaking broken for everyone?

I must seriously not have the same problems. With gmail spam filters and priority inbox the last thing I need is to visualize my e-mails in a twitter like stream.

I can't be the only one one that jumps for joy when someone actually e-mails me something akin to a personal letter.

Nope. Email not broken for me.

I like it how it is because filters and sensible organising of inboxes is not hard.

Not interested in email streams at all. I'd prefer to keep streams for the kind of information that doesn't require action or response frequently per item. Emails often require action or attention, and it's far better they exist as subject line items in a date-ordered list for easy retrieval, sorting and archiving all at once.

But I'd like to take my stream like conversations back to a simple, open, distributed (in the sense of server control) protocol like SMTP and away from Facebook Messenger (for example).

It's just a bit of message passing, why should email NOT also handle multiple participants and almost-real-time conversations well?

Twitter is a different beast, it's a public stream, but what does FB messenger offer over email, other than an improved user experience? (for some value of improved...)

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